HERB – Plectranthus Amboinicus | Coleus Amboinicus | Borage | Thyme | Mint – CAN DAY LA | Cần Dày Lá

HERB – Plectranthus Amboinicus | Coleus Amboinicus | Borage | Thyme | Mint – CAN DAY LA | Cần Dày Lá
Garden Q
Published on Jul 21, 2016

Plectranthus Amboinicus
– used in Vietnamese hot & sour soup

According to Wikipedia, Plectranthus amboinicus is
– used as traditional medicine
– once identified as Coleus amboinicus
– a large succulent herb
– fleshy and highly aromatic
– much branched
– possessing short soft erect hairs
– with distinctive smelling leaves.
– a tender fleshy perennial plant in the family Lamiaceae with an oregano-like flavor and odor
– widely cultivated elsewhere in the Old and New World tropics
– nauralised elsewhere in the Old and New World tropics
– used as a decorative plant in many houses in south India.
– is called
In India: Country borage, Indian borage,
In South Affrica: country borage, French thyme, Indian mint, soup mint
In US: Mexican mint, Spanish thyme,
In Guyana: thick leaf thyme or broad leaf thyme
In Barbados: Poor man pork or broad leaf thyme
Other names: cần dày lá, broadleaf thyme, Cuban oregano, Mexican thyme, queen of herbs, three-in-one herb, allherb, mother of herbs
The taste of this leaf is pleasantly aromatic with agreeable and refreshing odour.

There are many valuable treatments from this mint; if you want to explore more about this thyme, you can check it out at Wikipedia. They have a large article about it and there many more information about it, more than what I have known, unbelievable.

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GOH BOMBA: “The above is also name Cuban mint , Indian mint and Indian oregano or Chinese oregano”
Garden Q: “GOH BOMBA, thanks for letting us know.”
GOH BOMBA: “Garden Q welcome, don’t just grow it , make juices out of that green , I drink it almost every morning as a supplements”
Garden Q: “GOH BOMBA, thank you for suggestion. Maybe, we have postpone drinking them as juices. We must be careful to drink them as juices because our family daily food has many fresh herbs and vegetables, we just want to make sure our bodies don’t get more than what we need. When we try them as juices, we will let you know how they’re tasted to us.”
GOH BOMBA: “Garden Q yes thank your times and taste it slowly according to your need later on”

Adam Eve: “does anyone know what’s suriname thyme. heard it has good benefits.”
Garden Q: “Adam Eve, I heard my dad said his co-worker from his latest job told him this herb is used to treat coughing at the place where he came from.”

Sarah Mohamed: “How do you keep it looking so healthy? can u fertilize it?”
Garden Q: “Sarah Mohamed, most of the time, I saw my dad uses garden soils for his vegetable growing. Sometimes, he just sticks them directly to the ground. He is retired, he spends a limited money on fertilize/plant food…”