Harvesting Lettuce in a Florida Home Backyard

Florida Vegetable Garden: Harvest LETTUCE in the Backyard – Garden Q 20180216183937

Vegetable garden in Florida 2018/Florida gardening
– In this video, you’re going to see I harvested lettuce without a knife/garden tool. This lettuce was a little bit old, but it was tasted not bad; kinds a little bitter but sweet and much better than store-bought. Secondly, you’re gonna to see our beautiful fence; I’m just kidding :). Actually, that’s old fence, we just want to keep it for gardening purpose. My neighbor installed a beautiful vinyl fence next to it 5+ years ago. Before installing, they did tell us and asked whether we wanted to remove our fence… but we told them we kept it so we can do gardening stuffs and the fence would be staying stronger. Finally, these fences have been staying strong through many storms. After a month of installing, there was a storm which knocked down some panels of their other side fences except this side. So from there, I think a fence can stay strong through storms and hurricanes, we should have some double side fence likes that…