Colorful Orchid Flowers & Wind Sounds 00940

Colorful Orchid Flowers & Wind Sounds 00940
Garden Q
Published on Oct 2, 2017
Recorded on Friday afternoon Sept. 22, 2017
Enjoy colorful orchid flowers along with many difference kinds of noise: strong wind sound, commercial lawn mower sound, dog barking, truck pass-by sound, airplane sound, garage door opening/closing sound…

If you have question about what kinds the sound you heard in the video but I haven’t mention them in previous sentence, don’t doubt it, I’ll tell you next. For those strange sounds: they were sounds from hammers snap on wood or something; people fixed their fences including my dad. Even though, we didn’t have many major damages from this storm like 2004 storms because most of our roofs had changed to architecture shingles, but we (neighbors & our family) still have some damages like fences skew/fell down, some shingles from regular roofs flew away or roof tops knocked some and leak, windows broke…

Those blue cross-strips you see in the background that is one of evidences left after preventing Irma strong winds when we didn’t have enough fly woods to cover up all windows. Our 2004 fly woods in the shade were partial damages and all stores closed on evening of the Saturday, so my dad chose to cover those windows which would get the strongest winds when Irma would reach.

This storm was bigger and affected us more especially about spirits because we hung with them all night long until late afternoon next day. There were lots of tornadoes and wind gusts; those two things I hated the most especially wind gusts; they stopped for few seconds to few minutes and started gust again, they made my heart bounced up and down; I don’t like them.

***During hurricane Irma shopping nightmare, we didn’t join with people. We just let people got whatever they needed, we would get whatever on the last day left. Hey, don’t think we were nice people.
We always have 2-3 packages of bottle water in the house during the hurricane season, we already have fly woods in the shade and we have 2 5-Gallons Kikkoman soy sauce empty containers ready to store some sink water for drinking/cooking in case.

Heee hee heee, we forgot to check our fly woods to make sure whether they were still in good condition or not, but I promise I’ll check them every year from now on. Unfortunately, this storm season, all stores closed too early. Storm got here on time/late Sunday night and early Monday morning while stores closed since Saturday afternoon. I went out 5 – 5:30 P.M. on Saturday, all stores were closed and all cars in parking lots had gone for a while; when I got to Publix front door, employees already stood there to tell people they were closed. I drove around other stores, all were closed, not only me, there were many people did the same like me. At that time, the weather was normal and nice, the only was entire town likes a dead town/no living air feeling… I got mad at me because I forgot to bring a camcorder with me to record; I could go home to get a camcorder but I didn’t do it because it was not worth to drive around to burn all gasoline; that was also one of a reason why I didn’t drive around to search storm stuffs during hurricane shopping nightmare.

Now, everything goes back to almost normal, feel great to talk talk… I used the word “almost” because some stores haven’t have enough food/supplies on shelves/freezers yet, storm debris still haven’t collected yet and still lie around in the neighbors.

Wow, today, I talked too much, do I?